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Do I need a soil wetting agent?

Do I need a soil wetting agent? There are several signs that a soil wetting agent could help you water your lawn, plants, golf course or sports field. 

1. Brown Spots, Localized Dry Spots (LDS) or Hot Spots

Among the most common signs that a wetting agent would be useful is when seeing localized dry spots (LDS) or hot spots in the lawn. It can seem that you run the irrigation and the LDS never seems to go away.

2. Hydrophobicity: A Fancy Word for Water Not Getting Into the Soil

Related to LDS is the cause for these brown or dry spots. What is causing them in the first place? 

Many times water will stop moving into soil because of hydrophobicity. This is as if the water has a greater affinity for itself than that of the substrate it is siting on, so it doesn’t get absorbed into soil. 

3. Dew on the Grass

Dew formed on the leaf blade of grass in the morning is an example of hydrophobicity. And, a wetting agent can help, as moist leaves or foliage can make plants susceptible to disease. It’s similar to the look of water placed on a piece of wax paper and it beads. 

4. Water on the soil surface. 

The same would be applicable of water sitting on top of soils. When soil has become hydrophobic, it prevents water from penetrating and getting to the root zone. But, that’s exactly where water is needed most. 

More Answers to the Question: Do I Need a Soil Wetting Agent?

So, when soil isn’t fully absorbing water, the answer is yes to the question, “Do I need a soil wetting agent?”

When soils become hydrophobic and water does not penetrate the soil, then, the plants are not able to take up sufficient water to remain healthy. 

In this case, it is better to choose a product that will break surface tension and allow the water to move into the soil freely. All five of Geoponics soil wetting agents will do this. 

They not only will help with better utilization of water, but also hydrate the plant and increase oxygen in soil. Thus, these wetting agents keep soil aerobic for oxygen-loving microorganisms. This is the healthy soil environment you want because it leads to healthy plants. 

Highlighting the Fastest-Acting Soil Wetting Agent: Penterra

soil wetting agent
Penterra is formulated for moving water into and through soils

While any of the five Geoponics’ soil wetting agents will help in these hydrophobic conditions described above, the fastest is Penterra. With its super fast wetting speeds, Penterra will allow water to move into soils, such as heavy clay, and hydrate dry roots. This, in turn, optimizes watering because there will be less run off and more efficiency in watering and irrigation. Furthermore, this improved watering conserves fertilizer usage and optimizes nutrient uptake as well.

Using Penterra: The Fastest Acting Soil Penetrant

Use only a small amount of product when choosing Penterra. At a rate of 0.5 – 1 ounce per 1,000 square feet, Penterra can be very effective at getting water penetrating evenly throughout soil. Apply it with a pump garden sprayer or hose end sprayer. Always water-in the product after applying Penterra to move the product down through the turf canopy and into the ground where it can be utilized best.

If you have dry patchy spots in your lawn you may want to give Penterra a chance to help you hydrate by reducing hydrophobic areas in your lawn. You can purchase the Penterra here on ShopGeoponics or on Amazon.


Do I need a soil wetting agent? Signs you need a soil wetting agent include dry spots, frequent watering, water not infiltrating the surface and others.


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