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How to Choose the Best Soil Wetting Agent

When learning how to choose the best soil wetting agent, first consider the situation you have.

What Conditions Are Present to Help Choose the Best Soil Wetting Agent for the Situation?

You may notice dry spots in a lawn. Or, you may have overall drought conditions. You may not know why even your freshest potting soil is not absorbing or retaining water.

Perhaps you’re watering constantly and yet the plants or lawn are still wilting or dry. Perhaps water is puddling on top of the soil instead of draining. You may have clay soil, sandy soil, a drying brown hill or slope or a combination of these and other issues. So, you know a soil wetting agent will help. Almost any of Geoponics five soil wetting agents will be helpful. But, which is the absolute best soil wetting agent for your situation?

More Considerations on Choosing a Soil Wetting Agent

In addition to all of the above factors, consider whether you plan to water in the soil surfactant ( or apply it and go (Duration, Humawet or Hydrawk). Do you have a fertigation system? Then you likely want Profasorb ( Do you need to get water to drain quickly through soil, then you want Penterra (

Do you want a soil wetting agent that will also improve soil structure and help retain water? Then you want Humawet ( Humawet has the benefits of a soil wetting agent plus humates. Humic acid adds organic matter to soil, provides a carbon source, improves nutrient uptake and remediates soil toxicity. (Learn more about humic acid in an article about SoilPlex, a pure humic source that also powers the Humawet soil wetting agent.)

Are you looking for a soil wetting agent made of the most natural ingredients? Then you may choose HydraHawk ( because it is made of plant extracts.

Are you mostly looking for something that will assist with getting water evenly dispersed in soil but is also very economical? Then, you want Duration.

More About Each of the Five Soil Wetting Agents

Quick Link to the 5 Soil Wetting Agents

  1. Duration: The most economical soil wetting agent and a great all-purpose soil surfactant. It will effectively help to move water through soil for even distribution of water throughout the soil. Like the other wetting agents, it will optimize aerobic conditions, improve healthy microbes in soil and improve plant nutrient uptake as well.
  2. Humawet: The soil wetting agent of choice when looking to improve soil structure, especially in sandy soil, as well as other soil conditions needing organic matter. The humic acid will optimize nutrient uptake and acts like a dose of liquid compost. Humawet will help retain water, making it a popular choice in drought conditions.
  3. Penterra is the fastest-acting soil penetrant. It does need to be watered-in upon application. It is sometimes referred to as the rain drain. It prevents the diseases that can be associated with standing water. It helps on slopes and hills.
  4. Profasorb is the choice for fertigation systems.
  5. HydraHawk is the choice for the naturalist.

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Do I need a soil wetting agent? Signs you need a soil wetting agent include dry spots, frequent watering, water not infiltrating the surface and others.


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